Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Holistic Attorney in Houston, Texas

I want to spread the word that I'm practicing holistic law in Houston, Texas. I currently advertise in Centerpoint Magazine and Indigo Sun magazines. I'm on several "holistic" websites. If you have any ideas on how to get the word out, please let me know. fran@txholisticlaw.com

Update on my mother's health & Hurricane Ike

My mom broke her left hip and had a hip replacement surgery. She recovered quickly and was really doing great. Then less than 2 weeks later, she broke her femer bone on the same side. The pain was horrible. She had another operation and almost bled to death. I lost count after she received over 8 pints of blood, platelets and plasma. She's at home with 24-hour care. Recovery is very slow. She is very, very weak. She is just not herself. She has another month of putting no weight on her left leg. Additionally, my good friend, Bob, has been very ill too. He is undergoing many tests to find out why he's losing so much weight and is so tired all the time. I am back at work part-time doing mediations and my do it yourself kits. I'm still not taking any contested cases. Hurricane Ike really impacted my life. No electricity for almost 2 weeks. My dog is still recovering! He thinks he is just a furry human! He's over 12 years old and it was really tough on him. I still have no internet, phone or cable at home. However, there are still many blessings -- 2 of my neighbors had huge trees fall on their roofs and do major damage. My cell phones keep going directly to voice mail! Very frustrating! If you call me, please leave a message along with your phone number. I hope that you are recovering from Hurricane Ike. He won't be forgotten soon!