Monday, July 25, 2011

New television show - Suits

I really like the new television show - SUITS!

However, it is totally unrealistic -- which is why I probably like it.

Like last week, the judge said he was starting a jury trial the next day!  LOL!  A jury trial takes months to get on the docket in Harris County, Texas.  There is no way that a case would be the next day.  Plus, to get a jury "seated" and for a jury to get started the next day would be impossible.  There is a process of picking a jury that normally takes at least one day - usually more.  Of course, this is television and everything is super fast.

Plus, the guy with no law degree has not been caught!  (I've been known to check the background of my opposing counsel.)  Things like -- Where is his bar number?  Where did he rank when he took the bar?  No one would think to check that he's a licensed attorney?  These things a public knowledge & on the web. 

The guy pretending to be a lawyer is committing a felony so when he gets caught it's going to be jail for him. 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not expect me to personally reply to posts!

If you post a reply to this blog -- I cannot reply to you! 

Therefore, do not expect a reply if you post a question to my blogs!

Blogger does not have anyway for me to reply to you!  Additionally, I do not want to answer your personal questions in this open forum. (I'm sure that you do not want me to do this either -- if you think about it. Plus, most of you do not give me enough information for me to even attempt to answer questions!)

Also, if you read my blogs, I am no longer offering free consultations or litigating family law cases.  My practice is now 100% mediation based.

If you want an attorney for litigation or any area of family law -- this includes name changes, please contact PATRICIA BUSHMAN at 713-807-9405 or ROSE CARDENAS.

The voice mail on my office phone clearly states that I am not accepting litigated cases.  I'm trying to return all telephone calls.  However, often people's voice mail messages are not clear and I'm unable to return their telephone calls.  If I'm unable to understand a person's voice mail message then I cannot return a telephone call.  I do attempt to return all telephone calls within 48 hours IF I can understand the message.  Many times all I receive is a "garbled" message -- I'm sure that you think that you leave a perfectly clear message but your "background" noise (kids, music, wind noise) totally blocks your voice out. 

I've asked my web guy to revise my website to reflect the change in my practice.  Unfortuantely, he's not made the changes I've asked.  Hopefully, he will get it done soon. 

If you don't want to use Pat or Rose -- I recommend looking on or  -- ignore's rating system -- it can be manipulated -- many good lawyers don't "claim" their listing or keep their listing updated so their points drop.

If you need a pro bono aka "free" lawyer then call HOUSTON VOLUNTEER LAWYERS at 713-228-0732.  However, you need to be prepared for a long wait since they have overwhelmed by requests for help & they don't have enough volunteer attorneys. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

I am not accepting litigated cases

Due to a death in my family, I am no longer accepting litigated cases.

I am no longer offering free consultations or offering $2/minute consultations.

I have also decided to stop offering the Do It Yourself Legal Kits.  After offering the DIY kits for over the past 10 years, I found that people just did not want to pay for them.  People would rather pay for the "Legal Zoom-type kits" being sold on the internet, radio and television and then want me to "fix" their crummy forms and complain about being "ripped off". I tired of arguing with people & I don't have the time or energy to "fix" garbage.  It's easier to start fresh rather than to fix "junk". 

I have decided to only to family law mediations. 

In the spring of 2011, I took an elder law mediation training, so I will also offer elder law mediation for families that need that sort of assistance.  With the aging US population, I believe, that elder law mediation will be growing in popularity. 

Do not post a comment & expect me to answer you!

Please do not post a comment and expect me to answer you on this blog!

You must send me an email directly!

Also, please be advised that I am no longer accepting contested cases & am no longer offering consultations.  I have decided to focus my practice on mediation only.

I am referring all cases to PATRICIA BUSHMAN at 713-807-9405 or ROSE CARDENAS at 832-419-4110.  Both are excellent attorneys.  Pat is cheaper and will go to counties farther than most attornies in the Houston area.    Rose is more hands on and speaks Spanish & she will go to Ft. Bend county too.  Their styles are very different.