Saturday, November 29, 2008

Most common complaints about attorneys

Believe it or not, the State Bar of Texas does care what clients think about attorneys in Texas! Here are some of the most common complaints from a 2000-03 survey: 1. Communication - such as Poor communication with client 2. Attorney neglect - such as clients feeling that their case is being neglected 3. Law Office management - such as not returning phone calls Family (divorce) law has the most complaints (694 complaints) . The second most complained about area is criminal law (256), followed by personal injury law (244). The Dallas/Ft. Worth area had 642 complaints where Houston had 363 complaints. Austin had 296 complaints and San Antonio had 208 complaints. Since Houston is so much larger than Austin or San Antonio, the Houston lawyers must be doing something right!

Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm moving my office - ugh!

After being at 8980 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77054 almost 8 years, I'm moving. I can't believe how the paperwork has grown! For the next few months my mailing address will be: P O Box 433, Bellaire, TX 77402. If you need to reach me, I recommend email at or calling me at 713.847.6000. Please be patient during the month of December since I might be busy trying to get adjusted to the change! Happy Holidays! Fran Brochstein

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I offer do-it-yourself legal kits for family law matters -- adult name change, modifications, divorce, paternity, etc.  
My price depends on how much work I have to do.  My cheapest kit - the divorce kit with no kids and no property runs $175 if I only meet with you one time.  If you need to come back, I charge $150 per hour to meet with you again.
My kit with kids and no property runs approximately $450.  Again, if you have property to divide that will take more time, then I charge for my time.
If a person wants to meet with me to merely review their current legal documents or discuss something that is bothering them, I charge $150 per hour.  Most people find that meeting face-to-face with an attorney to discuss their legal issues is very helpful and educational.
Please email me if you would like to know more...

Mediation Rates

I believe in the mediation process so much in family law that I charge $500 total for 4 hours.  Usually both parties split the cost so each pay $250.  If we run longer, then I charge $100 per hour after the 4-hour minimum.
If you are disabled, or unable to afford $500, then with proof, I am willing to discount my rates.  
I truly believe in the mediation process.  There are 2 free mediation groups in Harris County - the DRO and the DRC.  I highly recommend them both.  Unfortunately, they are usually booked up.  Therefore, I am willing to offer my services at a discount if you qualify.

I'm back at work

The last few months have been challenging.  My Dad apparently had a stroke and his caregivers thought he was going to pass on.  However, he once again fooled us all and is much better.  
My Mom is gradually getting better.  She still has 24 hour care.  This week her doctor told her to put away the wheelchair and use her walker.  She has been doing it for the past 2 days!  Hopefully, she will continue to mend.
I'm moving my office by November 30th.  I'm not sure right now where I will be moving.  I'm actively looking for space.  
I'm back  at work.  I'm trying to do my free consultations via email.  Email me at  Based on my upcoming move, I anticipate not checking my email everyday.  
My mediation and do-it-yourself kits are popular right now.
If the economy continues to slow down, I anticipate my kits will grow in popularity.  My kits work -- unlike the kits sold by companies out-of-state.  The State Bar of Texas cannot regulate companies located outside of Texas.  The kits sold from NY, CO, WA, FL and CA usually won't work in Texas.  Why?  Because divorce law is a state issue not a federal matter.
Thanks for your patience during the past few months!
Happy Holidays!