Monday, March 3, 2008

Identity theft by a relative

If you learn that a relative stole your identity and has ruined your credit, you MUST go to the police and report this. It is a crime. With the police report, you can then go to the credit reporting agencies and prove that it was NOT you. You do NOT owe this money. It is very common -- many parents "steal" their kids social security number and use it to get new credit cards. Unfortunately, many of these "parents" do not pay the credit cards and ruin their child's credit. THIS IS A CRIME! Prosecute them! Also, if you think about it -- who knows your date of birth, full name, all the addresses you've lived at, your job info., etc. -- your family members and close friends. You would be surprised how many angry ex-mother-in-laws have also stolen their ex -in-laws identity information and purposely ruined their credit. NEVER LET ANYONE KNOW YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER -- ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE ADDICTED TO ANYTHING -- GAMBLING, DRUGS, ETC.

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Anonymous said...

Does this apply to spouses?