Tuesday, March 10, 2009

John Paul Barnich

A man that I met almost 20 years ago, John Paul Barnich, recently passed away. We met through our mutual interest and concern regarding people living with HIV and AIDS. His passion for life was huge and definately contagious. He seemed to suck every ounce of life out of every moment. He was exceptionally bright -- with a very dry wit. The most memorial thing about John Paul is his huge "physicial presence" and his huge and contagious smile. He was a huge "bear" of a man with a matching smile. He had a "wicked" sense of humor. When I would see him all I had to say was "what's going on?" and he could make me laugh for 3o minutes. When our mutual friend, Jim Griffith, was in town a few years ago (how time flies!) we met at one of my small Mexican food "dumps" close to Chimney Rock and Bellaire Blvd. Both men agreed that the food was outstanding. We lingered over a delicious dinner. John Paul's wit was sharp that night. I laughed until I cried. The world is definately a better place because John Paul Barnich was in it. I will miss him and how he made me feel. I'm sure that he's in heaven now & causing all sorts of "havoc" and making God laugh.

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