Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm back at work

The last few months have been challenging.  My Dad apparently had a stroke and his caregivers thought he was going to pass on.  However, he once again fooled us all and is much better.  
My Mom is gradually getting better.  She still has 24 hour care.  This week her doctor told her to put away the wheelchair and use her walker.  She has been doing it for the past 2 days!  Hopefully, she will continue to mend.
I'm moving my office by November 30th.  I'm not sure right now where I will be moving.  I'm actively looking for space.  
I'm back  at work.  I'm trying to do my free consultations via email.  Email me at  Based on my upcoming move, I anticipate not checking my email everyday.  
My mediation and do-it-yourself kits are popular right now.
If the economy continues to slow down, I anticipate my kits will grow in popularity.  My kits work -- unlike the kits sold by companies out-of-state.  The State Bar of Texas cannot regulate companies located outside of Texas.  The kits sold from NY, CO, WA, FL and CA usually won't work in Texas.  Why?  Because divorce law is a state issue not a federal matter.
Thanks for your patience during the past few months!
Happy Holidays!

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