Sunday, June 21, 2009

Co-signing for a relative

I'm often asked about a person co-signing for a relative or friend. It might be a car, a credit card or a lease. If you co-sign for anyone, you are on the hook if the person does not pay. If the person destroys the apartment or vehicle, you are on the hook for the damage. If the person has been irresponsible in the past, what makes you think that they will NOT do it in the future. If you want to co-sign for someone, recognize that you are guaranteeing that this person will do what they said they would do. If they don't, the company will look to you 100% for payment. Be very careful if you co-sign. Be sure you have the money to pay if the person disappears or refuses to pay. If a person was irresponsible in the last 5 years, I strongly recommend that you NOT co-sign for the person. If they cannot afford the vehicle, etc., then why would you co-sign for the thing? Remember, something earned is much more appreciated than something easily attained. Some people expect to be given things. If you co-sign, recognize that you are basically guaranteeing that you will pay if the person does not perform. DON'T EXPECT THIS PERSON TO APPRECIATE ANYTHING! IN FACT, THEY WILL GET ANGRY AT YOU IF YOU EXPECT THEM TO PAY THE DEBT! LASTLY, I'M REALLY SERIOUS! THE PERSON WILL CUSS YOU OUT IF YOU EXPECT THEM TO PAY THIS DEBT. Somehow you will end up being the "evil" person.

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