Sunday, June 21, 2009

Steven Keeva's book "Transforming Practices" Finding Joy and Satisfaction in the Legal Life

Steven Keeva was honored at the Chicago meeting of the International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers for the contribution his book made to the practice of law. It was a moving ceremony. I know that his 2 children thoroughly enjoyed it. It gave them an opportunity to see a different side of their dad from attorneys that they had never met. It was announced at the conference that the ABA has agreed to re-publish his book. I recently purchased a copy of the book & I highly recommend that every attorney read it. It is inspirational. I only wish that I'd read this book while I was in law school. It was originally published in 1999 and its relevant has grown ten-fold since its original publication. Steven Keeva was a visionary. It has a true honor to meet and share an evening with him. God bless Steven Keeva and his wonderful family!

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