Saturday, March 27, 2010

Child Support Obligation - The debt that never goes away

Here is the basic Texas law regarding a parent's obligations regarding child support:

A parent is obligated by Texas law to support their minor children.

There is no excuse NOT to support your children according to Texas law.

Even Texas inmates are obligated to support their minor children.

Not working is NOT an excuse.

Even if the custodial parent hides the children from you, you are still obligated to pay child support.  Yes, this is not fair,  but, it is the law.

If you lose your job, it is YOUR obligation to go before a Judge and get the amount of the child support lowered.  Yes, this is NOT fair, but, it is the law.
Being disabled is not an excuse.

Being injured is not an excuse.

Being a student is not an excuse.

Being mentally ill is not an excuse.

If you are married, then your spouse can make the child support payments.

It is assumed in Texas that you can work a minimum wage job of 40 hours a week.  That translates into a monthly child support payment of at least $200 a month for one child.

This monthly obligation is determined by the Texas Attorney General and is revised each year by their office. 

If Social Security sends money to the other parent, the judge can still order the non-custodian parent to make an additional child support payment.

Child support obligations cannot be discharged be bankruptcy.

Past due child support will be reported to the credit reporting agencies & will ruin your credit.  That means that you will not be able to buy a car or a house.  You will have bad credit and you will pay a higher interest rate.  If you are married, it will impact your spouse's credit.

You can lose your driver’s license.  If you are a truck driver, you can lose your professional license. 

If you are a professional (hair dresser, doctor, chiropractor, etc.) you can lose your license and there is nothing you can do about it.

If you are owed a tax refund, the IRS will take the refund and send it to the custodian parent.

All past-due child support incurs a 6% penalty.

Once the children are over the age of 18, you cannot go to jail but the child support is still owed and the 6% penalty still grows! 

If you ever inherit any money, the TX A G will intervene and get the money in probate court.  And, yes I've seen them do it. 

When you die, they will intervene in the probate of your estate and get the money before your heirs get any money.

In summary, child support is the debt that never goes away.

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