Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some Excuses that Don't Work as to Why you Missed Court

Judges hear a lot of Excuses as to Why People Don't Show up to Court -- Here are a Few of the Most Common - They Don't Work:

I did not know that I could ask for DNA testing.  You MUST ask for DNA testing at the beginning of a case or your lose the right forever. 

NOT showing up to court, is NOT an excuse.

NOT hiring an attorney is NOT an excuse.  If you are trying to hire an attorney show up with business cards and names and phone numbers. 

Showing up on the wrong date to court is NOT an excuse.

Showing up in the wrong court is NOT an excuse.

If they serve the wrong address and you did NOT know about a court case, it is NOT an excuse.

If they serve your mother's address and you don't really live there and you don't show up to court, is NOT an excuse.

If the custodial parent told you "everything was taken care of" and not to show up to court, that is NOT an excuse.

I had a flat tire.  Call and tell the court.  Then get it fixed and show up late.  Don't just get it fixed and go home.

If you are in a traffic accident on the way to court -- then send a relative to court and have them appear in front of the judge and tell the Judge what hospital emergency room you are at.  The Judge will probably have someone call the hospital to verify that you are in the hospital.  Why?  Because people use this excuse all the time.

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