Saturday, January 29, 2011

A woman wants to have my child but says she will never ask for money from me

If you believe this, then I have some magic seeds that I would like to sell you!!

If a child is born and the DNA test says that the child is yours, then you are going to pay child support. 

In fact, all of the Attorney General offices throughout the entire United States have agreed to work together in order to collect child support for minor children.  The Attorney General offices will only establish child support - they don't care about your visitation rights! 

Plus, in the State of Texas the court can go back 4 years and get retroactive child support.  It does not matter if you did not know that the child existed or if the mother "hid" the child from you. 

Plus, you get to pay 6% interest on all past-due child support.  Pretty soon you are paying interest on the interest you owe!  (The interest rate in Texas was 12% so be happy that the TX Legislature reduced it to 6%!)

Here are a few other depressing facts about child support:

Child support is not dischargeable in bankruptcy. 

If you ever inherit any money the Attorney General can intervene in the probate court & "grab" any money you owe in past-due child support.

The Attorney General  will "grab" any refund money due with the IRS if you owe past-due child support.

The Attorney General can auto-debt any bank account they find with your Social Security number attached to it - checking or savings accounts.  This includes even accounts in your children's names!  They do not notify you before they do this!  Then your checks bounce. 

All credit reporting agencies are notified of your debt & it ruins your credit rating -- you won't be able to purchase a home or automobile!

Your driver's license can be suspended -- bad news for professional truck drivers!

If you have a professional license -- lawyer, doctor, dentist, real estate agent, etc. -- it can be cancelled -- which puts your out of business!

Child support can be deducted from your Social Security check when you retire.

If you die, the money becomes due.  So if you have an estate to needs to be probated, your heirs have to "deal" with this debt! 

If you have re-married, your spouse has to "deal" with this outstanding debt. 

Child support is the obligation that does not go away!

I encourage you to think a long time before "sleeping" with that woman -- is she truly worth it?
Is one night of pleasure worth a lifetime of financial obligation?

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