Monday, July 25, 2011

New television show - Suits

I really like the new television show - SUITS!

However, it is totally unrealistic -- which is why I probably like it.

Like last week, the judge said he was starting a jury trial the next day!  LOL!  A jury trial takes months to get on the docket in Harris County, Texas.  There is no way that a case would be the next day.  Plus, to get a jury "seated" and for a jury to get started the next day would be impossible.  There is a process of picking a jury that normally takes at least one day - usually more.  Of course, this is television and everything is super fast.

Plus, the guy with no law degree has not been caught!  (I've been known to check the background of my opposing counsel.)  Things like -- Where is his bar number?  Where did he rank when he took the bar?  No one would think to check that he's a licensed attorney?  These things a public knowledge & on the web. 

The guy pretending to be a lawyer is committing a felony so when he gets caught it's going to be jail for him. 

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