Saturday, July 7, 2007

WHY YOU SHOULD CALL ME -- If you have a legal question -- email or call me. I offer a free 10 minute consultation. Why? Because most people are scared because they do not understand or know Texas law. Why? Because I believe that knowledge is power. Why do I contineu to do this after so many years? I do a huge referral business -- I'm up to 3 generations in some families! Why? Because if I help you now, you will refer everyone you know to me in the future! Why? Because I receive referrals from opposing parties because I was fair and reasonable. I always attempt to treat everyone I talk to with respect and in a civil tone. Why? Because my clients come back to me when they need to modify their legal documents. Why? Because I'm a strong advocate for all children! Why? Because I try to talk to plain English and I don't sugar-coat reality. Why? Because I tell you the pros and cons of your case. Why? Because I treat you like I expect to be treated by any attorney I'd consider hiring. Why? Because if I don't think I'm the right attorney for you, I will send you to an attorney that I know and trust that is reasonably priced.

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