Thursday, September 6, 2007

No matter how much people stress price, they really want quality

Amen! Some people want everything dirt cheap -- but they expect "cadillac" quality. Unfortunately, some people have unrealistic expectations of what "cheap" legal services truly mean. I warn people that if you hire do it cheap and it does not work, it might cost you more for me to fix it. I, of course, recommend doing it right from the beginning. There is another old saying - penny wise and dollar foolish -- people try to save a few cents but end up spending many more dollars in time wasted and in shoddy workmanship. When I take my car to my mechanic, I expect the best from him. My clients expect the same from me. I just spent over $1,200 on my car having its 90,000 check-up and then a week later the radiator overheated while I was out of town. I was upset, but every mechanic I talked to assured me that sometimes radiators break without warning. My regular mechanic had fixed a bunch of stuff under the hood so the new radiator was only the cost of the radiator -- instead of $900 -- it ran me around $300.

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