Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why do so many 17 yr. olds want to leave home?

It seems that many 17 yr. olds want to move out of their parent's home!!  They are in a hurry to move in with their boyfriend's home.  It is rare that a boy wants to move in with his girl friend.

At 17 they are an adult for criminal purposes!  However, they are still a minor for civil purposes.  Landlord's don't want to rent to them.  No one wants to sign a contract (car loans) with them.

What they don't realize is that they cannot take their furniture and their stuff (cell phones, computers, games, etc.) with them when they leave.  Technically, their clothes, money, etc. belong to their parents.

The moment the clock strikes midnight on their birthday, they are an adult and they can leave their parent's home.  They can leave with the clothes on their back -- and they can take anything that they have received as a gift or inherited.  Everything else still belongs to their parents.

Of course, the moment they turn 18, their parents no longer have to support them -- with things like money, food, clothing, housing, soap, gasoline, electricity, cell phones, Toilet paper, water, etc.

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