Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Consultation $2 a minute

I have been practicing law for almost 20 years.  I am over 55 years old.  I have led a colorful life.  I am a former business owner.  I've been married twice.  I am taking care of my elderly parents.  I like to think outside of the box.  I try to avoid going to court.

If you might have a potential problem, come see me.  Let's just talk for $2 per minute.  Within 30 - 90 minutes, perhaps I can help you.  Or, perhaps I can point you in the right direction.

I never got guardianship over my father.  I did things that avoided needing a guardianship over him.  I might be able to help you too. 

If you have aging parents or you are single, you need more than a will.  You don't just need a living will or a living trust.  You need to think outside the box.  Let me help you. 

Probate in Texas is not scary if you plan ahead!

Call me at 713-847-6000 or email me fran@familylaw4u.com

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