Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If you die without a will in Texas

If you die without a will in the State of Texas, the legislature has determined how your estate will be divided.

Many people think that the State of Texas will "take" your property.  That is untrue. 

What is true is that the State of Texas has determined who will receive your property.

What I mean by property is "real property" -- also known as real estate. 

It's hard to "hide" real estate and property that has a "title" -- things like a boat or vehicle. 

Stuff like -- clothes, jewelry, papers, furniture, etc. can easily "disappear" -- just "vanish". 

If you have a properly written will in Texas, probate in Texas is easy and inexpensive.  I strongly urge you to hire a TX attorney to do your will. 

I don't like a will sold in an office supply store or on-line.  Many of the wills sold at these places are not prepared by TX attorneys. 

TX wills MUST be done just a certain way in order to be valid in TX in order to be probated so that they are easy and inexpensive. 

So why save $200 on a kit and spend $2,000 on probate?
That is penny-wise and pound-foolish. 
Do it right the first time!!

Horror story:
My friend's mom did a codicil (minor change) by hand and totally messed up up the will.  She wanted to leave my friend the bulk of the estate because he was the "good son"  & restrict his sister because she was a drug addict.   After mom died, the sister, ended up with everything and the "good son" ended up with nothing.   Mom's eye sight was poor and her minor change removed the son from the will and gave everything to the daughter -- oops!  Mom could have easily paid a lawyer to accomplish what she wanted.  Son did not even get his Dad's pocket watch! 

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