Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Transition in my law practice

Effective September 1, 2010, my law practice is going to be focused on mediation. 

This year was my 20th reunion at South Texas College of Law, it has been a time of reflection for me. 

I decided that I need to focus on my passion - mediation. 

I'm very good at it and I find it rewarding and fulfilling. 

I am referring callers to the following 2 attorneys:

Patricia Bushman
8978 Kirby Drive
Houston, Texas 77054

She has been licensed over 15 years -- less than 20 years.
Pat recently hired a young lawyer to assist her that speaks Spanish. 
Pat has a competent office staff and is able to handle complex litigation.
Pat is in court almost everyday. 
She has handled many jury trials.
I call her my pit bull.  She is tough.
She is exceptional at analyzing complex legal issues and knowing what the judge will focus on.
She is well respected by the judges because she is in the courtroom regularly.
She is willing to go to surrounding counties - including Montgomery County. 
She is also a mediator.
I rent space in her office.
Her first meeting is free and she quotes her price at that time.
She offers payment plans and accepts credit cards.
She meets afternoons, nights and week-ends.
Please mention that I referred you - I will get a discount on my rent.

Rose Cardenas
She has been licensed over 25 years.
She is in the courtroom on a daily basis.
She is well respected by the judiciary and by her fellow lawyers.
She offices with her brother, Robert Cardenas, and he does criminal law primarily.
She is very hands on and takes a limited number of cases.
She is compassionate, but is not a push-over.
She speaks Spanish.
She returns all of her own phone calls, so you must be patient.
Leave a message and she will call you back.
Her brother's website is
You will need to talk to Rose about her fee schedule.

Both of these attorneys will be able to assist you if you are interested in uncontested matters and in "creative" solutions to your family law problems.

There are many excellent attorneys in the Houston area. 

Generally speaking, for the average family, no uncontested legal matter should cost more than $4,000 if the parties are willing to work together and not spend hours talking the attorney's ear off! 

I have had a divorce with no kids, no property cost over $6,000, but the couple fought over everything and we spent 6 hours at the courthouse fighting over a used Timex watch! 

I recommend that you check out and  However, do not trust the rating.  Many excellent attorneys have never "claimed" their avvo profile.  I just happened to click on their email and be on the first attorneys to claim my profile! 

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