Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Please do not send me an email through

I cannot reply to any email sent to that website.  I can read the emails but I cannot reply to them!
It is very frustrating. 

Their website requires that I pay they over $89 a month to reply to emails!  It just is not worth it for one or two emails a month.  Additionally, most of the people on this website are from all over Texas.  I am only interested in cases in the Houston area.  I have no interest in cases in Dallas, El Paso, the Valley, etc.  I have been listed on this website for many years and it used to be free to answer questions.  The questions never generated any new business for me but I considered it a public service. 

When I receive an email from Rocket Law it does not contain any identifying information such as a phone number or email so that I can contact the person directly. 

It is frustrating to read about a person's problem and then not be able to reply to them.

Therefore, please don't get angry at me for not replying to your emails through

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