Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Replying to phone calls & emails

I try very hard to reply promptly to all telephone calls & emails.

Recently I've noticed that some people use "bogus" phone numbers & emails addresses.
(Or, they cannot type in their email address or remember their phone number.)  I cannot reply to emails and phone calls when I don't have correct information.

Also, please remember that background noises interfere with your cell phone.  I cannot emphasis how frustrating it is to not hear all the digits of a phone number or to immediately call a person back and go directly to voice mail.  I don't have time to play phone-tag!

If you calling attorneys for legal advice, please be sure to have your cell phone charged up AND be sure to answer your phone.  This is not the time to "screen" your calls.  I am taking time out of my busy day to return your call, you need to take the time to answer your phone!  And, if you put me on hold to take another call, I will hang up on you -- remember -- I'm doing YOU a favor to talk to YOU!

Lastly, in your email "subject line" please put "legal question for Fran Brochstein".  If you leave the subject line blank or put something like "hi", I don't open your email since most of these sort of emails are spam.

And, do not write a long email in one rambling paragraph - I just can't and won't read it -- be sure to write short, concise paragraphs.  I don't need your entire life story to answer a quick question.

Be advised that no attorney is going to give free legal advice based on a short email - the legal liability is just too great.  

If you have a legal problem, you need to pay the money and sit down face-to-face with an attorney in your area that specializes in your legal problem.  

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