Saturday, September 1, 2012

Filing for emancipation in Texas

I receive more phone calls on emancipation than any other topic.

I have been licensed over 20 years and I have never done an emancipation. 

Why?  Because (a) they are expensive - plan on paying a total of $5,000 (b) you need to be at least 16 years old and have a job and be fully supporting yourself and (c) judges in Harris County do NOT like them and will not approve them.

Be aware that you can pay $5000 and have a full-time job and you still might not get a judge to sign the paperwork.

The only thing that you will accomplish by being emancipated in the State of Texas is being able to sign a legal contract.  That is it.  You will be able to sign a lease.  However, that does not mean that a landlord will lease to you.  You still might have to get someone to co-sign a lease with you.  If you want to buy a car, you will be able to sign a contract but it does not mean that you will qualify for a car loan.  It does not mean that a company has to give you a car loan. 

Being emancipated does not perform miracles.

By the way, it is called REMOVAL OF DISABILITIES in the State of Texas.

You can read about it in the Texas Family Code which is available on-line.  There are many hurdles that you must "jump" in order to even qualify.  If you do not meet them all, a judge cannot sign the document.  The judge will read the Code carefully before signing the paperwork.  The Judge will make sure that you fulfill all requirements.  They are tough! 

In my 20 years, I've only had one young lady that met them all.  She decided to buy a car instead of spending the money to go to court.

FYI:  Living with your boyfriend or girlfriend, is not enough to get the judge to sign your paperwork.  And, if your parents won't agree, it will make it much more difficult to get the judge to sign the paperwork -- not impossible -- but harder.

I don't do them -- call PATRICIA BUSHMAN at 713-807-9405.  Talk to Jessica in her office - her first appointment is FREE.  Tell her FRAN sent her. 

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