Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goggle has made me an "expert" on emancipation & name changes in Harris

I have been receiving a lot of phone calls  (approximately 5-6 calls per week) on name changes for adults and children.  Plus, many calls for teenagers and even parents wanting to force their minor children to be emancipated because they cannot control them.  (Apparently the police make this suggestion when they are called out for "out of control" teens.)

I finally figured out why I receive so many of these calls - when you "Google" something like Texas emancipation I show up in the middle of the page -- but I'm the only listing with a tiny photo so people click on me.  Even though my blog posts on these topics are almost 2 years old, they just call - they never bother to read any of my other posts that clearly state that I no longer litigate or that there are many requiremenets in order for a teen to qualify to be emancipated.

In order to emancipate (called "removal of disabilities of minority" in the State of Texas) you must meet EVERY requirement or the Judge cannot sign the paperwork.  There is no flexibility in the statute.

Some attorneys will take your money and file the paperwork then apologize when the judge denies your final order.  I personally don't want to waste your time or money if I know that the judge is not going to sign the final paperwork.

READ -- Chapter 31 of the TEXAS FAMILY CODE - REMOVAL OF DISABILITIES OF MINORITY -- available on-line.

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