Friday, August 17, 2007

Child Support for College.

In Texas, there is no court ordered child support after the child turns 18 and/or graduates from high school, whichever is later. No Texas Judge can order a person to pay college expenses for the "child"! Technically the moment the child turns 18 they are now an adult. Of course, I suspect that 99% of the parents will disagree that their child is an adult, but that's the law in the State of Texas. If you need help paying for college, I highly recommend SANDRA NEWTON of the College Resource Center located close to Loop 610 and San Felipe. The College Resource Center -- 1001 W. Loop S., Ste 660, Houston, TX 77027713-783-7575; fax 713-621-0034. Be sure to tell her that Fran Brochstein sent you! Sandra worked with my daughter before beginning her freshman year in high school. Sandra was a great motivator for my child. We talked to approx. 3 other people but my daughter preferred Sandra. Since she and Sandra were going to work together, I let her choose the person she felt that she related to the best. Also, hiring Sandra avoided lots of arguments at home. Sandra met with my kid on a regular basis and they discussed her future plans. Her senior year of high school they met a lot - especially when college applications were due. I did not have to monitor deadlines since that was part of Sandra's job!!! My child got 100% of her undergrade program paid for with scholarships and grants. She even received money for books and even housing expenses her senior year of college. Sandra Newton is top notch and I highly recommend her.

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