Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Divorce by publication

People keep calling me and wanting to get a divorce by publication when they don't know where their spouse is. In Harris County, the judges met and decided that they will not longer approve a divorce by publication until they have ample proof that the person cannot be found. I've been appointed by several courts in Harris County to find missing spouses, my success rate is approximately 75%. If the person have utilities in their name or a credit card, I can find them. Only a person that lives on a cash basis can stay below the "radar screen" these days. Don't waste your money on a $200 internet search to find your missing spouse. I can do it for under $100! My access is better than anything you can find because I use websites restricted to law enforcement, p.i.s and attorneys. I can easily do a publication divorce but they take longer and cost more. If you can find your spouse, it is definately cheaper to just serve the person and get it done.

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