Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good communications between you and your attorney

You must be truthful with any attorney you are considering hiring. We have all done "silly" or "stupid" stuff in our lives. No attorney likes to be in the courtroom and learn of the true facts of the case! Hire an attorney that you feel you can communicate with openly and honestly. Also, if your attorney intimidates you -- you have the wrong attorney! I've had several people come to my office after getting a divorce with another Houston attorney and pay me money to explain their divorce decree. They did not understand the legal document when their attorney tried to explain it to them. Or, they felt too intimidated to talk to the attorney that they were paying their hard earning money! Then they find me and pay me for an hour of my time to go over everything with them. I'm glad to do it but it seems very sad to me that people spend their money then end up coming to me to hear it explained in simple English! I try very hard to explain difficult concepts in simple terms. After I graduated from law school, I had to force myself to use everyday terms instead of the $10 words I'd learned in law school!

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