Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'll take my case to the Supreme Court!

My first question is - which Supreme Court -- the US or Texas? This usually pisses them off! When I hear this or "IT'S THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING!" I immediately see dollar signs! "The principle of the thing" usually means that the person won't settle no matter how reasonable. It means that we are going to trial. Therefore, I anticipate these clients are going to use a lot of my time and energy. Trials to the Judge usually start at $10,000 - up. Jury trials normally start around $20,000 - up. Losing at the trial court requires transcriptions and appealing. This is going to start running into more money -- anticipate $10,000 - up. I don't handle appeals but I know several attorneys that I refer these people to for assistance. Appellate work is totally different from trial work! Then if you lose at the appealate level, you are looking at more money to appear to the TX Supreme Court. Then you can appeal to the US Supreme Court. Recognize that they only takes a very small number of cases each year. Again, thousands of more dollars. Therefore, when I hear "I'll take this to the Supreme Court" or "it's the principle of the thing" -- I send them to someone else. Most people want to fight but they are unwilling to pay the huge legal bills involved.

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