Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Do It Yourself Kits

People keep calling me after they have paid for a on-line do it yourself divorce kit and they want me to fix it for FREE! I've talked to an attorney on the State Bar committee for the unauthorized practice of law about these kits and the State Bar has determined that they cannot do anything because these companies are located outside of Texas. If you order a kit from California, Colorado, Florida, Washington or New York, don't be surprised if they don't work in Texas. Two signs that they were not designed by a Texas attorney are -- 1. they use the term "matrimonial law" and 2. they use a lot of "exhibits". Also, if the kit has a lot of "check the right answer" it won't be approved in Texas. These kits are expensive, I've seen several people pay over $400 for a do it yourself kit with no kids, no property, nothing -- I charge $175 for a kit that works & I make all the copies! Also, be aware that you are going to have to pay the county filing fee. These costs are usually over $200. The attorney does not get the money -- the county gets the money! This is definately a BUYER BEWARE issue! If you waste your money, don't expect any attorney to have sympathy for you. It is quicker for me to use my forms and to do the work. Don't expect an attorney to fix the mess you've made for free! I'm not the cheapest lawyer in town but I do the work right and I get the job done! Thanks for letting me vent!

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