Monday, September 14, 2009

Popular Child Support Terms

CP - custodiay parent - the person who has primary care, custody and control of the child.

Obligee - the perso who receives child support

Obligor - the person who pays child support

NCP - the parent who does not have primary care, custody and control of the child.

Paternity - legal determination of fatherhood

DNA - the test done (with a mouth swab) to determine if the man is the biological father of the child.  These results are very accurate.

Default judgment - a judgment entered when a person fails to response to any legal action or fails to appear in court.

Arrearage - past due and unpaid child support that is owed by the NCP

Child support modification - a court-ordered change to a child support order

Court order -- a directive signed by the court

Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) - a document that both unmarried parents can voluntarily sign to establish legal paternity for their child without going to court.

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