Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can my 17 yr. old girl friend come live with me?

17 yr. olds are "strange animals" in Texas.

For ciminal purposes they are adults.

For civil purposes, they are still minor children.

Normally CPS won't get involved in these cases.  CPS is focused on protecting children.  Babies and small children cannot protect themselves.  17 yr. old kids can normally protect themselves so CPS is usually not that worried about them.

What I normally suggest is that the 17 yr. old wait until the moment they turn 18 and they leave the house. 

At midnight on they 18th birthday they can walk (or run) out of their parent's home and they are an adult.  Their parents cannot stop them.  They are free! 

However, they might not be able to take their "stuff" with them.  They can take anything they inherited or they received as a "gift".  That is their "stuff".  Anything their parents gave them (furniture, cell phone, etc.) belongs to their parents.  If their parents don't want them to take their computer, cell phone, etc. then that "stuff" stays.

However, I recommend that if you have any questions that you call your local policing agencies (police, sheriff or constable in Texas) and talk to their dispatcher.  Find out their local policies.  Yes, their policies can vary depending on their superior's orders.  Find out IN ADVANCE what their officers will do if they are called.  In fact, let me know if you are planning to leave, they will put that in the system and be prepared for a phone call.  You can call them when you are leaving and let them know that you are leaving and that you want to leave without any problems.  They will come and watch you leave to make sure there are no problems. 

There is an excellent free pamphlet called "Now that you are 18" that was written by a Texas lawyer's group several years ago.  I can't find my last copy.  You might "google" it and see if you can find it.  It was very informative.

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