Sunday, June 13, 2010

My spouse is a real bum!

Many people come to me and tell me what a bum they have as a spouse!

What they don't realize that the Judge wonders what is wrong with them that they married that person!

If you marry such a bad person, what is wrong with you?  Why did you stay married to this person for 10 years? 

If he is a drug dealer, then how did you meet him? 
Are you invovled in drugs? 
Why did you marry him? 
How did you not know that he was involved in drugs and dealing drugs? 
When you learned he was dealing drugs, why did you not leave? 
Why did you have a child with this person? 
Why did you have many children with this person?

Are you beginning to get the idea?

If you are married to such a bad person, what is wrong with you?

I had one client that was married to a very successful drug dealer.  (He was the drug delivery guy.)  He was really upset that when they separated she still made all the money with her new "honey" the new drug delivery guy.  (He just wanted the money to keep coming in.)  She had been the "bright" one.  He could not understand how their drug dealing "family" did not help him get custody.  Unfortuntely, she was very bright and was able to "test clean" on all the drug tests the court ordered.  My client could not test clean -- he was just not that bright!  He just did not get it.  I suggested that he get her "busted" but she was still too bright to get busted! 

One judge in Harris County within the past year, got tired or hearing how bad each parent was, so she just called CPS remove the chidren from both parents and put them in foster care.  The judge wanted to protect the chidren from both parents.  If both parents were doing what the other parent alleged, then the children's lives were in danger.  I got a call from one of the parents, she was livid at the judge.  I agreed with the judge.  If her husband was doing what the mom alleged, the judge was right.  Remove the children and protect the children.  The law in the State of Texas is to do what is in the children's best interests.  The law is NOT what to do what is the parent's best interests.

So if you are in a relationship with a real bum, don't expect the judge to have any sympathy -- especially if you stay more than a couple of years.

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