Sunday, June 13, 2010

Changing TX Family Law

The TX legislature meets every 2 years.

If you are unhappy with a current law or wish to propose a new law, you need to begin NOW to advocate the TX legislature with your idea.

Then it is really too late.

The TX legislature met in 2009.  They will meet again in 2011.  Now is the time to begin thinking of the changing you want to make in that next session.

The lawyers that work in the family courts work together to try to educate our TX legislature to   improve our current laws and to not create bad new laws. 

I encourage interested people to get involved in the Texas politics.  I'm sure it's very interesting.  I'm sure it's also very frustrating.  Texas is behind many other states in Family law issues.  With science (like DNA testing) and technolgy growing so rapidly, the law just can't keep up fast enouh.

For example, when I was licensed almost 20 yr. ago, there was no such thing as DNA testing. When it first appeared it was expensive and no one understood it initially.  It slowly evolved and was perfected.  Now it's cheap and used daily.  But our laws have not kept up because the TX legislature has so much to cover and not much time to cover it.  The TX Family Code is only a small portion of what the TX legislature covers every 2 years.

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