Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I want my husband's ex-wife to do....

I just love it when the new wife wants the "evil" ex-wife to do something. 

Today I got an email from the "new" wife demanding that the "old" wife (now ex-wife) legally be required to change her name!  She wanted to know how to go about suing the woman so that a court of law would order her to change her name! 

She claimed that she was worried about getting credit rating confused, but that would not be a problem since credit rating systems use social security numbers and birth dates.

She then admitted that it was mainly that she just did not want tto share the same last name as the ex-wife.

She wanted to "force" the woman to have to change her name.  She could not understand why the woman wanted to keep the name she'd used for the past 20 years! 

I said that after 20 years every knew her with that name.  That changing her name with numerous government agencies such as -- social security, driver's license, as well as her employer, insurance, credit cards, doctors, credit reporting agencies, etc. was a real pain and her records could be potentially lost.

The woman was very upset that she could not legally force the ex-wife to change her name.

In Texas, there is no law that can force a woman to not use her ex-husband's name.

This woman was not very happy with me.

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