Saturday, March 17, 2007

Collecting Child Support

For $15 you can pay to have a person's employer notified that there is a child support order and that there should be income withholding. The form is titled: REQUEST FOR NOTICE TO EMPLOYER OF ASSIGNMENT OF INCOME". The office in the basement of the Family Court Building - 1115 Congress, Houston, Texas 77002 has this form available for free. You will need the name and adress of the employer to send the notice to. The Harris County District Clerk will send the employer a letter via certified mail. It takes a few weeks for the custodial parent to receive their first child support check. Be sure to include your name and mailing address at the bottom of the form and the Harris County District Clerk will let you know if the employer received (or did not receive) the notice. You will need to know the Cause Number of your case along with both parties full legal names. Name and mailing address of the employer's payroll or human resource department and the approximate date the assignment of Wage Order was signed by the Judge.Anyone can pay the $15 and have the non-custodial parent's employer notified. Be sure that you always let the Court, the San Antonio child support collection agency and your ex-spouse know of your current address. There are thousands of dollars that cannot be delivered to custodial parents! Men always save your proof of payment - often the money is accidentally put in the wrong account because of a typo! One man came to me and he was able to prove that over $40,000 had not be accounted for.

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