Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Some of the things courts consider regarding "best interest" of a minor child in Texas

BEST INTEREST OF CHILD. The Court will consider the following when thinking about a child's best interests: 1. the child's safety 2. is the home a safe, clean and stable environment for the child? 3. a child's age & their sex 4. a child's physical and mental needs - does the child have any "special" needs? 5. has the child ever been a victim of any harm in the past? 6. is the child fearful of living with the parent or returning home? 7. the results of psychiatric, psychological or development evaluations of the child, parents and anyone who has access to the child's home. 8. if there is a history of any abuse or assault regarding the child or a sibling, is that "accused" abuser going to have access to the child or the child's home? 9. history of any substance abuse by the child's family or others who have access to the child's home. 10. willingness of the child's family to seek out, accept and complete counseling services. 11. how the parents cooperative with counseling 12. the parent's parenting skills 13. is the parent willing to provide a positive & loving environment for the child? 14. adequate health and nutritional care 15. adequate medical & dental care 16. appropriate discipline with the child's physical and psychological development 17. guidance and supervision for the child's safety 18. parent's involvement in the child's education 19. understanding the child's needs and capacities 20. extended family and friends and the social support system in place to nuture the child's development 21. the parents relationship when working together to raise the child 22. stability of the parents; and 23. maturity of the parents - are they interested in what they want or what is best for the child? The above is just a short list of the types of things that Judges consider when handling cases involving minor children.

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