Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I sell the legal form known as an "Answer" for Texas residents

If you have been served in a Texas civil case and need a bare-bones, basic legal document known as an ANSWER - I sell the form for $25 cash. If you have been served with lawsuit papers in Texas that state that you need to make an appearance within 20 days the Monday next after being served, this document will work to let the Court know that you are interested in being active in the lawsuit and that the Petitioner cannot take a DEFAULT JUDGMENT against you. Be advised that they are many variations of the legal form known as an ANSWER and this is the most basic form. If you want to file something that specifically addresses the issues alleged in the Petition, you need to hire an attorney to represent you. You will need to take the ANSWER to the courthouse in the county that the lawsuit was filed in and "file" the document with the county clerk's office. It is free to file this document. You will need the original document and at least 2 copies. The clerk keeps the original document and will "file stamp" the copies for you for free. Then you need to send (via hand delivery, certified mail w/ return receipt requested or fax with proof of fax received) a copy of the document to all the other parties in the lawsuit. You need to keep a copy for your files. Fran Brochstein 713-847-6000

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