Saturday, March 17, 2007

DNA Testing

There are many companies that do DNA testing. They prices vary. Father's for Equal Rights Houston, TX Gotta Know Testing Service 3402 Dowling Street #109 Houston, TX 77004 713-795-9955 Also provides blodd pregnancy testing, urine pregnancy testing, TB testing, urine drug screening, HIV/STD testing. Identigene 1-800-DNA-TYPE 7400 Fannin #1250 Houston, Texas 77054 DNA Diagnostice Center 1-800-DNA-CENTER 1-800-362-2368 DNA Parentage testing is the most reliable and powerful method for proving or disproving parentage. It is a very simple process. It now normally is just a swab in the mouth. No pain and no needles. The parties can be across the country and it can be done. There are home kits available too. DNA testing can be done with or without the mother. Make sure to use a company that fingerprints everyone and verifies identify with a photo id. If the potential father is deceased, his blood relatives can be tested to determine if he is the bio. father. Before you have DNA testing done, be sure that you really want to know who the bio. father is.

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