Saturday, March 17, 2007

Court Fees in Family Courts in Texas

COURT FEES Sec. 110.001. GENERAL RULE. Except as provided by this chapter, fees in a matter covered by this title shall be as in civil cases generally. Sec. 110.002. FILING FEES AND DEPOSITS. (a) The clerk of the court may collect a filing fee of $15 in a suit for filing: (1) a suit or motion for modification; (2) a motion for enforcement; (3) a notice of application for judicial writ of withholding; (4) a motion to transfer; (5) a petition for license suspension; (6) a motion to revoke a stay of license suspension; or (7) a motion for contempt. (b) No other filing fee may be collected or required for an action described in this section. (c) The clerk may collect a deposit as in other cases, in the amount set by the clerk for payment of expected costs and other expenses arising in the proceeding. Sec. 110.003. NO SEPARATE OR ADDITIONAL FILING FEE. The clerk of the court may not require: (1) a separate filing fee in a suit joined with a suit for dissolution of marriage under Title 1; or (2) an additional filing fee if more than one form of relief is requested in a suit. Sec. 110.004. FEE FOR ISSUING AND DELIVERING WITHHOLDING ORDER OR WRIT. The clerk of the court may charge a reasonable fee, not to exceed $15, for each order or writ of income withholding issued by the clerk and delivered to an employer. Sec. 110.005. TRANSFER FEE. (a) The fee for filing a transferred case is $45 payable to the clerk of the court to which the case is transferred. No portion of this fee may be sent to the state. (b) A party may not be assessed any other fee, cost, charge, or expense by the clerk of the court or other public official in connection with filing of the transferred case. (c) The fee limitation in this section does not affect a fee payable to the court transferring the case. Sec. 110.006. DOMESTIC RELATIONS OFFICE FEES. If an administering entity of a domestic relations office adopts an initial operations fee under Section 203.005(a)(1) or an initial child support service fee under Section 203.005(a)(2), the clerk of the court shall collect the fee at the time the suit is filed and send the fee to the domestic relations office.

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