Friday, March 2, 2007

Do It Yourself Divorce Kits for Texas

I have developed Do It Yourself Divorce kits for the State of Texas. They were specifically designed for use in the Harris County Courts. My prices for a divorce with no kids, no debts, no property, and no disputes is under $200. Then you pay a filing fee to Harris County (approximately $250 - subject to change without notice) and parking fees (approximately $10). My prices for more complicated cases, varies depending on the work required. Warning: If you are going to buy a kit over the internet, be sure the company is located in Texas. The State of Texas has some "unusual" requirements for their paperwork. If your kit includes a separate "Marital Property Settlement" form then the company is probably NOT located in Texas. In Texas, usually the property settlement is included in the Agreed Final Decree of Divorce. Warning: The kits sold in office supply stores include the words (in fine print!) that the required state forms are NOT included. They are useless! Why are my forms more than the other kits? 1. I meet with you face-to-face. 2. We discuss your legal situation. 3. I then prepare the forms based on our discussion. 4. I make you copies of all the documents. 5. I give you a set of instructions to follow. 6. I provide one follow-up telephone consultation if you have any questions later. 7. If I don't think the kit will work with you, I won't sell it to you. 8. If a kit won't work for you, I give you a price quote on retaining my legal services or a referral to another attorney that I feel is competent to handle your case. 9. They work! Fran Brochstein 713-847-6000

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